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(Technical Writing - Functionnal Analysis)

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25 route de Furfooz

5500 Dinant Belgium


cell: +32475 75 98 45

fax: +3282 22 60 63

TechniWrite SPRL was created in 1999; its main activity is the production of documents needed for the development and implementation of IT solutions.
    Performing functional analysis,
    Writing Use Cases describing the user requirements, making sure the developers have all the information at hand,
    Producing a Test Plan,
    Defining test cases for the different test levels (integration, system and acceptance),
    Conceiving on-line help and generating technical documents such as a user manual, training material, a Business Continuity Plan, a Disaster Recovery Plan, a Change Management Plan…)
    Training the end users,
    Following up the change requests formulated after the go-live.

Technical communication is our core business. Between the kick-off meeting and the moment the user community have the software product at their disposal, lots of documents, newsletters and meeting reports will have been drafted to keep all the stakeholders informed about the evolution of the project.

If the team can rely on a technical writer’s expertise for the communication aspect of the project, chances to meet the objectives on time are drastically increased.